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Perfect View Pool Villa, an amazing adventure!

Welcome to our first ever Perfect View Pool Villa blog. In our blog we will keep you updated on our Koh Tao Villa adventures.

But before we do it seems like a good idea to give you a picture of how it all started. Back in 2012 four Dutch friends were visiting the beautiful Koh Tao island together. At first it looked like a regular holiday like we did every year. We enjoyed the Island visited our Dutch & Thai friends who lived on the Island , relaxed and made good fun together.

At the last day of our stay, we were visiting a site on the mountain, overseeing Sairee Beach and the beautiful Nangyan Islands. The view was simply stunning! As the land was for sale it didn’t take us long to decide on following our dream: to build a beautiful villa for us and guests to be able to enjoy this view forever!

We were able to find a designer, talked about our wishes and when we visited a few month’s later, he had translated our wishes into a stunning design. Meanwhile we were able to acquire the land and find a local team to build our dream. But building does not start before the land was consecrated.

Building in Thailand and especially at Koh Tao, takes time and requires a lot of patience. A lot of work is done without heavy machinery, simply by hand and physical labour. Lot’s of materials have to be brought and bought from the mainland by boat and often it takes some time before it arrives. Not to mention building in the hills without a proper road available makes things even more challenging. And don’t forget that building in the rain season is not quite possible. Our first lesson was learned: be patient, all will be ok, even though it takes longer than one would expect.

Over the next month’s we visited Koh Tao a lot to see how everything was developing. Slowly but surely our dream was getting shape, the house was looking awesome! Next challenge: building a pool on a stiff hill J

Building the pool was very challenging as we had to build it above the ground. What an immense project! After more than two years we were able to start testing our brand new villa ourselves. Off course it was completely empty at that time, furniture had to still be ordered from and build in Chang Mai, then transported to Koh Tao.  Meanwhile we were focussing on making our house as green as possible. We had to catch the rain water to be redirected to our 90.000 liter tank storage under the house. We installed solar panels to use a minimum of electricity (as the electricity on the Island is not widely available) , we arranged the used water to be filtered again so it could be used for spaying our garden etc etc.

Finally we could start inviting friends and family to the Perfect View Pool Villa in 2016 and started renting our villa.

We were so happy to see that our guests were loving the house and we where thrilled to receive so many five star reviews!

We dedicated to make your stay an experience you will never forget and we will continue working on improvements and implementing all suggestions we received so far.

We hope to see you soon, stay tuned for our next blog and thank you for reading!

Big love,

Perfect View Pool Villa team

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